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Array | Willson & Brown has been supporting charitable institutions and fundraising for people in need for years.

Millions of Ukrainians are facing war day after day, brutally deprived of a place to live and the right to dream. Among all of them, children are an extremely vulnerable group. Free access to entertainment and education in a safe environment and satisfaction of cognitive and emotional needs are as important for them as any other form of aid.

That is why we decided to support the Kino Dniepr initiative, as part of which an animation room for children was created at the COS Torwar refugee aid station in Warsaw.  In cooperation with volunteers and partners involved in the project, we managed to fully equip the playground with educational materials, comfortable floor mats, toys, and a TV screen, where thanks to the generosity of the IKS Foundation, New Horizons Association and Animated Film Studio SFR Bielsko-Biala, specially selected tales for children are displayed every day – both non-dialogues and those with dialogue in Ukrainian.

We strongly believe that the space we have built together will allow the youngest viewers to move at least for a moment into the world of fairy tales, where good always wins, and to experience carefree joy.

We would like to thank the NEURO Clinic for the invitation to participate in this initiative, as well as all the volunteers and people involved in this project!

The reception and information point for refugees at the COS Torwar sports center in Warsaw has been functioning since the beginning of March. It is one of four facilities providing humanitarian aid in Masovian Voivodeship. 500 beds have been set up in the main hall for those in need. In a separate rest area, meals are distributed to refugees every day and necessary medical and psychological help is provided while they wait for accommodation.






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We support an initiative for Ukrainian children affected by the refugee crisis.