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LOT – Business Class and Economy check-in desks at Warsaw Chopin Airport


LOT Polish Airlines operates services to 60 destinations throughout Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia, mainly from Warsaw Chopin Airport which is the largest airport in Poland and one of the biggest in Central Europe.
In 2015, the airport was used by over 10.5 million passengers, representing nearly half of Poland’s total air passenger traffic.

Willson & Brown were retained by LOT to design, create and install a cohesive suite of new check in desks and associated facilities at this very busy airport. The brief was to make it easy for passengers to find and navigate their way through LOT’s airport based services whilst simultaneously communicating the brand’s messages and emphasizing LOT’s position as Poland’s leading airline.

  • To design and create branded customer service areas for LOT within Warsaw Chopin Airport. This included: business and economy class check-in desks, the children’s zone, ‘AirKiosk’ (the LOT one-stop-shop for additional services such as ‘Taxi & Fly’, ‘Meet & Greet’, bag delivery etc.) and ‘Fast Track’ – a dedicated security lane providing an express security service enabling passengers to reach the departure lounge more quickly.
  • To emphasize LOT’s Business Class service, an important element of the airline’s activities, by presenting its advantages and benefits to all passengers. The business class check-in desk is required to immediately demonstrate the upmarket nature of the service and encourage customers to experience it for themselves.
  • To design, produce and install a range of banners, signage and display materials such as illuminated front panels to showcase LOT’s products at the ‘Air Kiosk’ and ‘Florama’ wall display, as well as throughout the concierge desk, branding wall, children’s zone and ‘Fast Track’ areas.



By devising a cohesive design scheme executed in carefully considered materials, the W&B Designers were able to create solutions which reflect the understated elegance and excellence of service offered by LOT. The finished look, which can best be described as conservatively modern, uses geometric curves, interlocking planes and the company’s well-known logo to great effect.

We used glass, wood, metal and leather together with discreet lighting to generate customer service areas that exude quiet efficiency and a genuine concern for the customer experience.

In order to increase brand awareness amongst the airport’s visitors, a consistent, ‘on-brand’ design theme was applied throughout.

The distinction between Economy and Business Class zones was achieved through the clever use of materials which enabled the design team to create a prestige environment for those using the premium service whilst remaining true to the underlying design theme.

  • LOT is currently in the process reviewing its branding. As a result it was essential that our design proposals reflected the client’s desire to develop their existing brand image. We achieved this by combining a traditional approach with a more modern one. The implications of our suggested designs were discussed and resolved with the client as the project progressed.
  • The project had to be designed, produced and installed within a very short period of time. This meant setting up and running three distinct production lines and working to very tight deadlines.
  • For the project to succeed, Willson & Brown had to establish and maintain excellent working relationships with all three of the key stakeholder groups involved – LOT’s Marketing Department, LOT’s Product Department and PPL (Polish Airports).
  • Detailed technical information regarding both power and internet connections, was unavailable in the early planning stages.



Whilst the client provided clear direction in respect of the project’s functional requirements together with an outline design brief, the W&B team invested time to broaden their understanding by undertaking comprehensive traffic research and gaining insights into the unique characteristics of the airport environment. This was invaluable as it enabled the team to create solutions that highlight LOT’s presence in the airport; create a clear, passenger friendly navigation system and deliver a cohesive design scheme across all the elements.

W&B completed the design, production and installation of the entire project on time and within budget.

We have been praised by LOT for our professionalism and for delivering outstanding project management skills in the very demanding environment of a fully operational airport.

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Johnnie Walker & Bushmills Shop in shop




The objective of the campaign was to merge the two worlds of Johnnie Walker and Bushmills in one well-executed display. The challenge being, the two whiskies differing brand values, positioning and target groups.
We undertook research that showed whiskey connoisseurs are often unwilling to change their habits, and occasional whisky drinkers have a problem with the amount of choice and the diversity of the brands available.


We have a long-standing history of creating and producing displays for JW brands, which allowed us to quickly and efficiently create the right image for the expo design. “Where flavor is the King” was a key part of the design and emphasizes Johnnie Walker’s place in the premium end of the market. Quilted leather upholstery, club chair and specially chosen colors directly communicate the brand family and its key value to the customer – to savor the flavour and aroma.
The Bushmills approach has more handmade feel, which reflects the method and approach of the brand.A more ‘raw’ approach was chosen as Bushmills is aimed at a slightly younger market who may look to consume the drink in a more social, party atmosphere. In addition, the stand also emphasized the long tradition behind the product.

  • delivered and installed in 100 locations across Poland.
  • creation of POS merging the world of two diverse brands
  • exclusivity and prestige of JW brand mixed with younger more affordable style of Bushmills
  • a strong marketing message that means clients buy without hesitating
  • customers are drawn to the stand and do not wander around the alcohol departments in-store
    unsure of what to buy

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Manhattan Beauty Bar


Our solution needed to underline the elegance of Manhattan products, products chosen by women who want to change their image regularly and who aren’t afraid to look for something different. The stand has been designed to be easy to navigate and find the right product, with the brand values emphasised through high quality materials that reflect Manhattan’s brand values.

The Manhattan beauty bar, thanks to its form and style, creates an excellent background for cosmetics. The lighting and well categorized products means shoppers can easily find what they are want, but also encourages those willing to experiment and test out new products.

LOT – Business Class and Economy check-in desks at Warsaw Chopin Airport
Johnnie Walker & Bushmills Shop in shop
Manhattan Beauty Bar