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Project Description


The objective of the campaign was to merge the two worlds of Johnnie Walker and Bushmills in one well-executed display. The challenge being, the two whiskies differing brand values, positioning and target groups. We undertook research that showed whiskey connoisseurs are often unwilling to change their habits, and occasional whisky drinkers have a problem with the amount of choice and the diversity of the brands available.
We have a long-standing history of creating and producing displays for JW brands, which allowed us to quickly and efficiently create the right image for the expo design. “Where flavor is the King” was a key part of the design and emphasizes Johnnie Walker’s place in the premium end of the market. Quilted leather upholstery, club chair and specially chosen colors directly communicate the brand family and its key value to the customer - to savor the flavour and aroma. The Bushmills approach has more handmade feel, which reflects the method and approach of the brand.A more ‘raw’ approach was chosen as Bushmills is aimed at a slightly younger market who may look to consume the drink in a more social, party atmosphere. In addition, the stand also emphasized the long tradition behind the product.
  • delivered and installed in 100 locations across Poland.
  • creation of POS merging the world of two diverse brands
  • exclusivity and prestige of JW brand mixed with younger more affordable style of Bushmills
  • a strong marketing message that means clients buy without hesitating
  • customers are drawn to the stand and do not wander around the alcohol departments in-store unsure of what to buy

Project Detail

  • Diageo Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • 2014
  • Superstar Deutschland 2014