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Three prizes in POPAI Awards Paris 2015

Three of our recent client projects gained international recognition at the 2015 POPAI Awards in Paris.

Iconic golden statuettes were presented for our shop-in-shop stand for JW & Bushmills and for our gondola end unit for M&M’s.

In addition, a silver statuette went to our Astor beauty bar.

These awards are a wonderful achievement which prove once again that Willson & Brown is a force to be reckoned with.  We would like to thank everyone involved for their fantastic work which is well deserving of this industry accolade.

Our awarded displays:


POPAI Gold Award – Event Podium

Client: DIAGEO Poland

M&M’s Gondola End

POPAI Gold Award – FOOD – Semi-permanent category

Client: SASU MARS Chocolat France

ASTOR Beauty Bar

POPAI Silver Award – Beauty – General Tester

Client: COTY Astor

All winning displays can be seen here.

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POPAI Awards Paris 2015