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Several years ago, Bourjois launched a range of mini products. I worked on the merchandising and  really both the products and creating imaginative ways of displaying them. By their nature, minis are small & fiddly – but fun! Sadly, Mini Bourjois only lived for a few years as mini products went out of fashion, but they certainly seem to be having a renaissance at the moment, especially with the trend for handbag-sized, on-the-go products.Ideal for trial, they are also great for travel. The fact that Boots and Superdrug are stocking more and more mini toiletry and beauty products shows that demand is rising.

But how to merchandise them? One of the best examples I have seen recently is from Benefit, with their ‘Gimme Minis’ strapline and colourful and imaginative stands that make you feel you are in a sweetshop – and you need to have ALL of the goodies on offer! A brilliant travel retail offering which captures the holiday spirit.

We recently asked our Focus Panel what they thought of minis and how they are merchandised.  Many of them liked the fun displays and the ‘pick-and-mix’ look, feeling they would be tempted to ‘pick something up on impulse and give it a go.’

Whereas some of them were not tempted by minis, preferring full size products, the majority of the panel loved them, particularly for trial, general travel and holidays.

“I love mini sizes because it gives you chance to try before you spend a lot on the full size and they’re great for putting in my handbag as well as for travel.”

“Small sizes are ideal when you’re travelling and are a great way to try out new things without committing to a large/more expensive size. More minis please!”

“They are perfect for experimenting with on holiday.  They are also small enough to pop into your luggage and they offer the chance to try a product or brand you don’t know.”

“I would definitely be tempted to buy mini products in a travel retail setting as this is the time when you feel it’s the moment to browse and treat yourself to some goodies.”

So, what are you waiting for?  More minis please.


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