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So, Christmas is upon us once again, and we have been enjoying the displays in the stores.   We ran a quick vox pop with our Focus Panel and asked them which of six displays they preferred.   My personal favourite was MAC, but the overall winner was Estee Lauder because it was clear and showed make up results and how to achieve them.

From the comments on all the displays, these were the general findings. Not rocket science, but worth bearing in mind.

  • Displays shouldn’t be dark – they need bright, attractive colours.
  • For Christmas, the favourite colours seem to be red and gold. And plenty of glitter and sparkle!
  • Displays should be inspiring; unique shapes can stand out.
  • Layers and tiers create interest, and the products are easier to see.
  • Model shots are preferable, especially if the products are shown to re-create the model look.
  • Better if the consumer can relate to the model too.
  • Displays should be clearly laid out – not too busy or messy.
  • Testers should be accessible.


I also liked Benefit and Smashbox – not typically Christmassy, but festive, colourful and – true to their brands – quirky.


As for windows, this display in Debenhams Oxford Street was beautiful:


But my overall favourite has to be this amazing floating Christmas tree in Galeries Lafayette, Paris:


Have a great Christmas!

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