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The main prize in POPAI Poland Awards 2014 for Willson & Brown

During this year’s POPAI Poland Awards, we are very pleased that the main prize in Permanent Displays category went to the Hennessy display manufactured by Willson & Brown.

The display, created for MOËT Hennessy Polska sp. z o.o., is almost entirely made of metal. The project’s purpose was to emphasize the premium nature of the product, its durable metal construction ensures a long life, and its simple design is timeless. Its colour reflects the key visuals within the brand, and illuminated shelves were specially designed to incorporate a special illuminated place for a bottle to bring out the amber color of the drink. Highlighted panels with graphics make the display clearly visible from every side and leave no doubt as to its identity and quality.

Our awarded display:

HENNESSY display

Main prize in the category Permanent Diplays

Client: Moët Hennessy Polska Sp. z o.o.

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