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The integrity and trust of our Clients, Partners and Community has always been a cornerstone of our success.

Keeping in mind the safety and integrity of our organization, we kindly ask you to report any suspected unlawful or unethical activity by Array | Willson & Brown, its employees or business partners using the form below.

Report a Concern!

Reports made via online form are automatically sent to the sender’s chosen recipient’s email address.

By default, reports are addressed to Willson & Brown’s Ethics Committee, which operates in accordance with the Ethics Committee’s Terms and Conditions regulating, among other things, the nature, and procedures of the reported matter.

If a reporter feels that due to the nature of the matter he or she is unwilling or unable to report it to the Ethics Committee, the report may also be made directly to the Board of Directors of Willson & Brown sp. z o.o.

To enable a fair investigation and appropriate response, the complaint should include the following elements:

  • the nature of the unusual activity observed;
  • A description of the incident;
  • The people involved in the reported incindent;
  • Where possible, reference to documents that may be support;
  • your name – if you wish to remain anonymous, enter „anonymous” in the appropriate field.

The form page does not have any built-in mechanisms to identify the sender. Connections to the site are not logged, and the sender’s IP address and MAC number are not identified, stored, processed, accessed, or transmitted. Neither does the recipient of the request receive such data.

The form allows you to report anonymously. It should be noted, however, that if the person submitting a report voluntarily enters his or her contact information, the sender will be notified of how the matter has been handled, and may be contacted if additional information is needed to properly investigate the report.

Please use below form to send your concern.

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I declare that I have read the Procedure for Reporting Violations together with the Rules of Operation of the Ethics Committee and I consent to its application, and I am aware of the responsibility related to providing untrue, incomplete or false information.

The personal data administrator is the company Willson & Brown sp. z o.o. with its registered office at ul. Muszkieterów 15c, 02-273 Warsaw, entered in National Court Register kept by the District Court of the Capital City of Warsaw, 13th Commercial Department, entry number 0000649340, tax no.: PL5223077025, statistical no.: 365947923. Personal data will be collected and carrying out only for the purpose of the process described within this procedure.